About Arabian Trading Agency

Arabian Trading Agency is one of the oldest and the most respectable organizations in UAE, has a history of over 150 years with strong roots of moral and ethical values, the group has many diversified business to count on and NEVICA is one among them.


NEVICA, a brand of its own to reckon with in the Middle East & many parts of African Continent for its impeccable attributes and countenance. Under the umbrella of NEVICA comes a complete range of Home appliances & Electronics, essential to make a home out of a house.

We are owners and distributors of the NEVICA range of household appliances and electronics goods. With a strong emphasis on quality control our brand is reputed for its reliability and performance. We started this line two decades ago with a limited range of Home appliances from China and later from Turkey. We now have in our product portfolio, Heavy Home Appliances, Electronics goods, Car coolers etc. More than 600 products, from Torches, Emergency Lights, Irons, Rice cookers, Hotplates, Microwave ovens, Electric Ovens, Chest Freezers, Induction Cookers, Washing machines, Refrigerators, Split AC’s to Oil Heaters, feature under the NEVICA brand.

Simultaneously NEVICA stretched its limits from UAE to entire Middle East, CIS Countries African and Asian Countries and have strong footholds in many countries across the globe, And we are always on expansion plan in future time to come.

NEVICA offers 1 year replacement warranty and unconditional after Sales service for all the models as we value your trust in us.